Shelia wears The Miss Right Moonlight Crystal Embellished Sandals in Watermelon Red
Shelia wears The Miss.Right Nastya Denim Mules in Dark Navy Blue

TALENT - Shelia Pereira @ Chadwicks
STYLIST - Long Truong
MAKEUP - Yasmin Jiang
HAIR - Jesse Wakenshaw
ASSIST @_eveparker @photomyles
At The Miss Right, our essence transcends the visual; it is a manifesto of resilience and audacity.
Through Anne Thupham's lens, we are not merely seen, but felt—each image a testament to the indomitable spirit that defines us.
Amidst the tumultuous unpredictability of life, our brand stands as a beacon of strength and defiance, embodying the profound power of staying unyielding. We are the embodiment of courage in every frame, an ode to the fearless.